About Us

When we look into our glorious past we find that education and learning was not the privilege of only the affluent class. Muslim caliphates established institutes that imparted education to the masses free of cost. The financial burden of logistics, books and teachers’ salary was borne by the government. But the advent of British Raj changed the scenario, currently education is branded, and on sale. Only the elite and wealthiest can avail the best.

Our institute, a very tiny drop in this vast ocean of schools and colleges, aims to follow the path of that long lost and forgotten legacy. We wish to impart the best education and provide character building opportunities to the public without putting the harsh crunch of financial burden on parents. This is an uphill task, but not an impossible one.

Manhal Education is a pioneer in the education revolution that debunks the prevalent methods of forced uniform learning for all. Here, we believe that every child is unique and gifted; and as such needs as well as deserves special care, love and undivided attention. We offer Customized Development Plans designed specifically to cater the needs of each child while focusing on his/her education, health and mental well-being. By treating each individual in a distinctive way, we optimize their capabilities in an encouraging and motivating environment.

Principal Message

Dear Readers,

Over two decades of educational experience inspired me to open an institute with the vision to shape up the young Muslim ummah into Momineen. My vision is to provide quality education by practicing Islamic teachings and incorporating the values of Tabi’een and Taba Tabi’een before us.

I believe that with the rapidly developing world, it is imperative that we firmly hold onto our roots and pass them down to the next generation. This can only be achieved by recognizing each child’s individuality and moving away from primitive and/or forced methods of teaching which has taken us away from the actual purpose of education.

Manhal Education is a platform designed not only to benefit the students, but also the teachers. My aim is provide teachers with a safe, comfortable environment where they can widen their horizons and take on the reins to explore new out-of-the-box teaching methods. Together, we can work to eradicate, or at least limit the same old monotonous ways of schooling which has infected our society for the past century.

Behind every successful child is a team of countless, dedicated teachers and his/her parents. Therefore here, I ask you to join me in my mission in guiding students to excel to the best of their potential, on their own spectrum and on their own pace. Help me steer this ship to a generation of committed Muslims, prosperous Pakistanis and cultured professionals.

“The human contribution is the essential ingredient. It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live.” – Ethel Percy Andrus


At Manhal Education we offer CDPs or Customized Development Plans for each child that encompasses their Education, Health and Mental wellbeing. This ensures that children make optimum use of their capabilities n an encouraging and motivating environment.

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